Friday, September 21, 2007

Hill's notes on meets

(this info covered at a team meeting)

WARM UP: Be on deck, in your suit, ready to swim when warm up starts. Enter the water feet first. Normally you need approximately 800 yards to warm up and at least 2 sprints. One length sprints: first whistle -- take your mark, second whistle -- go! Freestyle, and backstroke sprints- flip turn but DONT PUSH OFF!

LINE-UP: Check line-up, you can swim a maximum of 4 events. Tell us at once if you are not in the line-up or swimming too many events, etc.

TEAM SUITS/WARM-UPS: Should be worn on deck at meets only. Home meets -- do not bring giant swim bags on deck. Leave everything locked in lockers other than suit, goggles, warm up, and towel.

NO JEWELRY RULE: This applies to practice also

DURING THE MEET: If you are not in the water swimming, on the board diving, you should be in the team area not wandering or showering in the locker room.

TIMES AND SPLITS: Relay swimmers must exit pool immediately or it will interfere with the timing system and you wont get your splits. Check your times and splits when they are posted on the wall. Talk to coaches about your swims in between races -- not while others are in the water in the middle of their races.


END OF MEET: Stay on deck in suit and warm up through the duration of the meet. Get together for the team cheer, shake hands with other team. Please clean up team area -- do not leave towels, drink bottles, trash etc. and help us clean up after guests. Same for locker room, throw away shampoo bottles, DO NOT LEAVE FOOD OR WRAPPERS OF ANY KIND or we will have little furry visitors. Be polite, whenever possible, let our guests through the food line first.

SMILE! Have fun, and take pride in your team and yourself. Everyone has the potential to make a positive contribution.

TRANSPORTATION: For all away meets you will travel with the team to and from the meet. If there are special circumstances that you would need to travel to
or from with a parent, you must first have the form filled out, signed by parent, then signed by athletic director or principal, and give form to coaches -- BEFORE we leave for the meet. Forms are available in the athletic office. We would appreciate you letting us know ahead of time if you are planning to do this. Otherwise, we travel together as a team. (driving directions for friends and family are on the website)

General Information:
We're off to a great start. Please be sure to eat healthy and try to get as much rest as possible with the upcoming intensive training. Be prepared for the
weather!! You may leave home in shorts and 70 degree weather and the temperature can change drastically. When it starts getting colder, you need to dress in dry clothes and shoes to leave the pool and wear a hat if it is cold. Be sure to dry your ears after swimming or diving, try not to get sick.